Unlock seamless digital transformation: Our experts simplify your journey to Microsoft 365, AWS, and Azure. Scale, optimize, and secure your path to new heights in the cloud!

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Enable Collaboration Between Onsite, Hybrid, And Remote Teams​

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Empower Application Development Teams with Scalable Platform Solutions

Double clouds with the bigger first one in conflux blue and the smaller back one in a darker blue

Strategically Managing Costs, Security, and Compliance Measures

Managing cloud solutions can be confusing and frustrating, costing your business money and productivity.

all companies deserve enterprise-grade cloud solutions that keep their data secure and compliant.

Conflux comes from enterprise backgrounds with a focus on using cloud-based solutions to help drive productivity and growth at small and medium businesses.

Bringing People & Technology Together
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Microsoft 365

Experience the productivity revolution with Microsoft 365, your ultimate toolkit for seamless collaboration and unstoppable success. Unlock the power of intelligent cloud-based applications, cutting-edge security features, and anywhere-accessibility to empower your team and amplify your efficiency. With Microsoft 365, elevate your work to new heights and embrace the future of modern productivity.

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Guard your digital fortress with unwavering confidence through our cutting-edge cloud security solutions. Shield your data, fortify your systems, and defend against evolving cyber threats with encryption, multifactor authentication, and proactive monitoring. With our cloud security expertise, rest easy knowing your business is protected, enabling you to focus on growth, innovation, and peace of mind in the digital realm.

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Embrace the limitless power of the cloud with AWS, where innovation soars and possibilities become reality. Harness the immense scalability, unmatched reliability, and unrivaled flexibility that AWS offers, and elevate your business to new heights. With AWS, the only limit is your imagination.

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Unlock the full potential of your business with Azure, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless scalability. Seamlessly integrate cloud services, advanced analytics, and robust security to drive innovation and achieve unparalleled efficiency. Azure empowers you to shape the future, as you embrace the power of the cloud and transform your ideas into remarkable realities.

The A3 Process


Our belief in continuous improvement has led to the development of our methodology: Assess, Advise, Apply.

This enables us to deliver value to our clients initially and continuously without sacrificing integrity or quality.

Assess – reach a mutual understanding of the current and desired states that transcend technology and reach into the human element of business operations.

Advise – deliver detailed findings and recommendations with no punches pulled and no secrets held. We approach this with the heart of a teacher to forge lasting partnerships built on trust, not restrictive contracts.

Apply – implement recommendations focusing on clear communication and planning that ensures your business operations continue during any changes.

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Unlock Your Potential Through Collaboration!

At our company, we believe in working hand in hand with you to assess your current environment and provide expert advice for achieving the changes needed to maximize your company’s potential. We apply the outcomes of our collaboration to create the vision your company desires. Together, we’ll shape a future that reflects your ambitions. Let’s collaborate for success!

Results Maximization

Maximize Results with Cloud-Based Technologies!

At our company, we excel in delivering tailored cloud solutions that maximize your company’s skills and cater to your growing needs. With the right tools and expertise, we help your team reach its full potential and achieve exceptional results in the cloud. Unleash your company’s capabilities and succeed with us today!


Achieve Future Growth with Cloud-Based Excellence!

At our company, we specialize in leveraging cloud-based technologies to enhance your business needs and propel your company towards future growth. We excel at maximizing your company’s vision through our expertise in the cloud. Experience excellence with us and unlock your company’s future today!

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